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Monday, November 3, 2008

A new commission completed!

Such excitement, I swoon. Seriously, I received a commission via my Etsy shop ( ) for an image similar to the print of the two goldfish wearing masks.

What the client was looking for was two African Butterfly fish wearing masks of two particular people. Thus:

Quite a challenge, these commissions, but I must say it's enjoyable. And YOU should enjoy such things as well! Yes, o painter, I speak to you. Because by accepting commissions, you must learn to work within the confines of subject matter and imagery you wouldn't necessarily have chosen in the first place. But to rise to such a challenge is an accomplishment indeed. And a learning experience. In fact, your homework is to seek out a commissioned work of art, in your chosen medium, and work on it with due dilligence, whatever that is supposed to mean and I just threw it in there because I liked the sound of it so there ha HA!, and... you know, make something good. It'll build character.

Thank you. Namaste.